Stiga Blade Tech Specs

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  • Carbon tech is two layers of high-performance carbon are integrated into the blade improving rigidity and response, which results in increased speed and power.

  • THE WRB SYSTEM accelerates the blade face for faster returns, more power and extra sensitivity of touch.

  • THE CR SYSTEM is when front part of the blade is UV-finished, which yields a reasonably increased speed to the ball.

  • OVERSIZE. The thicker blade offers approximately 10% extra speed compared to conventional blades. Larger head offers extra stability of touch and feel.

  • THE STIGA TUBE is a technology where the middle veneer with ”micro-channels” lengthways in the middle ply of the blades. The channels are then filled with different materials depending on the blade’s desired characteristics.

  • THE CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY increase your speed. Normal blade treatments use regular lacquer, but Crystal Technology employs a transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer that STIGA specially developed.

  • THE NCT TECHNOLOGY  blades use our nano technology.

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