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  • COMPACT STORAGE SYSTEM  Table tennis has always occupied many people within a limited space. Training and competitions often require many tables to be available at the same time. CSS tables make it easier to store large numbers in a small space.

    • The table halves are stored folded into each other, thus reducing drastically the space required.
    • The height of the table is only 155 cm.
    • Each table leaf has it’s own wheeled base, which means the table is easier to handle.
  • COMPACT SYSTEM The new folding system minimizes the risk of injuries during table storage due to its unique compact EU design.

  • NET INCLUDED Some of our tables comes with suitable net.

  • SAFETY BAR The Safety Bar will prevent that a child can stay between the table tops.

  • PATENT SYSTEM FOR UNLOCKING   By pulling the metal handle, which is connected to a wire, the safety devices will be released and the table can be placed into playing position.

  • ONLY FOR INDOOR USE   This table should only be used for indoor playing.

  • OUTDOOR   This symbol indicates that the table is approved for outdoor playing.


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