The STIGA Sandy is a classic racket that is reminiscent of table tennis pre-1950s before sponge rackets became popular. The Sandy is a sandpaper racket that offers a totally different style of play compared to today’s standard sponge racket. Whereas modern competitive matches are focused on speed and spin, the Sandy racket slows down the rate of play and reduces spin. Games played with Sandy rackets are much slower-paced for longer rallies. This makes the Sandy racket an excellent learning tool for beginners who need more time to react to the ball and extra practice rallying. The STIGA Sandy is perfect for recreational play and family use when first learning the sport of table tennis, but is not approved for tournament play. The Sandy Recreational racket from STIGA features a sand face surface, straight handle, and multi-ply blade.

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Product specs

Model #: T1201
Performance Ratings:
  • Speed: 26
  • Spin: 35
  • Control: 35
  • Surface: Sand face
  • Handle: Straight
  • Blade: Multi-ply
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