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The search for the right blade can be a huge challenge, even for the most experienced players. The best blade for one player is not necessarily the best choice for another, as we each have our own personal touch and style, and we tend to react to blades in different ways.

At STIGA we make this important choice easier by ensuring that every blade is of superior quality, and we make blades with the variety of special playing characteristics demanded by experienced players and coaches.


Our design process begins by considering the playing characteristics of each of the woods we use. Remember that we’re talking in general terms here, since each tree, and even each set of wood, is different. Fortunately, here at STIGA we benefit from having played with hundreds of versions of particular models, so we have learned from vast testing and experience how to design the blades “personalities” to perfectly suit the next generation of World Champions.


Careful attention is required to guard against drying the wood too rapidly, particularly in wood with thicker dimension. If not dried properly, the non-uniform stresses involved can cause cupping or twisting upon subsequent re-sawing or working. Once wood has been dried, it is allowed to “rest” in a climate controlled environment for several days to several months.


The use of different glue results in different playing characteristics. plus different woods need different glue for best performance. At STIGA we use the best glue and gluing techniques for the best results for each type and combination of wood.

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