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Introducing the STIGA Cybershape, a groundbreaking table tennis paddle that will redefine your playing experience. The revolutionary design and larger hitting area, sets it apart from anything you've ever encountered before. This isn't just an ordinary blade – it's a game-changer. Developed and designed together with STIGA player and deputy world champion Truls Möregårdh.

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, STIGA conducted extensive studies to determine the optimal hitting area for the majority of players. The results were astounding: the sweet spot lies on the top half of the blade. With this knowledge, the Cybershape was engineered to feature an optimized hitting area that is 11% larger for the shakehand grip and 9% larger for the penhold grip, surpassing the limitations of traditional blades.

STIGA Cybershape future racket

But that's not all. Cybershape has a remarkable feature that sets it apart during returns – the hitting area is positioned as much as 6.5 cm closer to the table compared to a round blade, which only achieves a 2.5 cm advantage. Professional players rely on strokes made on the top half of the racket, and Cybershape is specifically designed to excel in this area. The expanded hitting area provides an enhanced sweet spot, enabling players to effortlessly control their short serves and returns with precision.

To ensure a perfectly balanced blade, the bottom part was reduced by 2% while expanding the hitting area on the top. This careful adjustment prevents excessive weight, allowing players to maintain control and maneuverability without sacrificing performance. The result is an optimal combination of control and speed, empowering players to dominate the game.

STIGA Cybershape Future Racket

Crafted with lightweight, state-of-the-art carbon fiber composite from Germany, Cybershape defies expectations. Despite its larger surface area, the blade remains impressively lightweight. This technological breakthrough offers players an unparalleled advantage, granting them the ability to unleash their full potential without hindrance.

But it doesn't end there. Cybershape's unique shape also provides players with enhanced visibility of the hitting area during serves. Its distinctive angles offer six corners to choose from, allowing players to effortlessly manipulate the type and amount of spin they desire. This unparalleled flexibility grants players an unrivaled level of control over the ball, leaving opponents in awe of their skill.

Collaborating with the prestigious KTH Royal Institute of Technology, STIGA Sweden conducted comprehensive tests on Cybershape's vibration properties. These tests revealed a larger sweet spot positioned further out on the blade compared to conventional shapes. Furthermore, the frequency response of the blade is more linear, effectively transporting vibrations differently to the handle and hand. This groundbreaking discovery delivers an entirely new and unique playing experience, setting Cybershape leagues ahead of traditional blades.

Welcome to the future of table tennis. The STIGA Cybershape is now available in the United States, ready to elevate your game to unprecedented heights. Embrace the power, control, and precision that only Cybershape can provide, and revolutionize your table tennis journey today.

STIGA Cybershape Future Racket