STIGA Tournament Table Tennis Tables | 25-30mm ITTF Approved Options

If you’re looking for the highest quality tournament-level table tennis tables, look no further than STIGA’s Premium Compact and Optimum 30—the official table of SPIN clubs nationwide. These premium tables combine expert craftsmanship with foldable storage: perfect for tournament-level players who are space conscious. The Premium Compact, Onyx and Optimum 30 tables have strong chassis, can be folded for convenient storage, and roll with ease on their machine-grade casters. Both tables offer leg levelers for precise adjustments.

The Premium Compact features the most compact storage available at only 22 inches deep. The indoor table is delivered 100% pre-assembled. All you have to do is open the table to enjoy tournament-level performance. Commercial-grade pistons assist with opening and closing the table, which can be done by only one person, in one motion. This industry-leading innovation is only available from STIGA. The 25mm tabletop meets ITTF regulations for tournament-level performance. The tabletop is sanded, and UV filled prior to multiple coats of specialty paint and finished with a clear topcoat for a perfectly smooth finish in classic tournament blue color. Massive 2-1/4 x 1-3/4 (inches) legs are made of heavy-gauge steel for a rock-solid base. Leg levelers allow the table to be adjusted on all four corners for a playing surface that is perfectly level, even when the floor is not. Five-inch machine-grade ball-bearing casters allow the table to smoothly roll over almost any surface for maximum transportability. Regulation white striping is silk-screen printed for a smooth playing surface. Unlike other methods that are applied like a sticker and create a noticeable imperfection, the silk screen process prints the ink directly on the table for a surface that is smooth to the touch. A 2-2/5 inches profiled steel apron supports the top for even bounce across the entire tabletop. The Premium Compact includes a net and post set featuring a premium cotton blend net and precision tension adjustment for a tournament quality net that is International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved.

The Optimum 30 is the first table with a 30mm thick top, creating unparalleled evenness and ball rebound consistency. The top is pre-treated multiple times and then coated with a special varnish to give it just the right amount of gloss and the ideal frictional coefficient. The result is the truest possible bounce, even when balls are spun at the highest level. Heavy gauge steel and precision tension adjustment give this net and post system unmatched playability. The massive chassis features heavy-gauge steel for maximum stability, and with independent table halves, the table offers easy portability and incredibly compact storage. Supporting the transportability of the table are 4-inch machine-grade casters that allow the table to easily glide over any surface, and, once the table is in place, locking wheels reinforce its stability. The Optimum 30 features 2 independent table halves with wheelbases that nest into one another for incredibly compact storage measuring only 25-inches deep. This innovative design allows the table to be rolled away and conveniently stored in any space. Included with the table is the STIGA Premium VM Net and Post Set that is approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and has been used in multiple World Championships and Olympic Games.



The STIGA Onyx arrives 95% pre-assembled out of the box so you don't have to waste any time before challenging your next opponent. A tournament style independent chassis design and heavy-duty 50 x 20mm steel aprons allow for unmatched durability and bounce.  Complete with a 25mm tabletop, the playability is truly top-of-the-line. Boasting 50mm welded H-style legs with integrated levelers for supreme evenness and tournament-approved play. 4" machine grade, ball-bearing casters allows for effortless moving and adjustment over any surface while locking into place when necessary. The 72" tournament style net set with tension adjust and cotton blend, ensure your table meets every tournament standard while allowing for convenient storage by simply removing the net with a squeeze of the clamp and folding each independent half into its upright position.