Advantage Pro25

Tournament-ready, 25mm Performance Top

Item no. T8582W


  • TOURNAMENT-GRADE PERFORMANCE - 25mm Performance Top features a multi-layer roller coat finish and precise silk-screen striping, delivering optimal gameplay experienced at professional tournaments and the Olympics. Meets ITTF specifications for tournament play.
  • EFFORTLESS SETUP, PORTABILITY AND STORAGE - Arriving 95% pre-assembled out of the box, our QuickPlay design enables 10 minute assembly. 4” machine-grade, premium lockable casters provide easy rolling and transporting of the separate table halves.
  • UNMATCHED STABILITY AND EVENNESS - UV repeat roller coat top finish and heavy-duty chassis design featuring an integrated table leveling system guarantees unparalleled evenness and stability, ensuring the ball bounces predictably.
  • VERSATILE PLAYBACK MODE - Hone your skills in single-player mode by effortlessly folding one half of the table into an upright position, securely locking it in place with our safety latch system. Playback Dimensions: 66"L x 60"W x 64"H
  • 72” TOURNAMENT NET SET - Enjoy a complete professional playing experience with a 72" tournament-style net set that clamps and screws into place. Fine-tune the net tension to exact specifications, enhancing your game further.



Experience the pinnacle of table tennis with the Advantage Pro25, meticulously designed for tournament-grade performance that mirrors the intensity of professional play. Boasting a 25mm Performance Top meeting ITTF specifications, this table ensures optimal gameplay with a multi-layer roller coat finish and precise silk-screen striping. Its QuickPlay design allows for a seamless setup in under 10 minutes, complemented by premium lockable casters for effortless portability and storage. The UV repeat roller coat top finish and heavy-duty chassis, equipped with an integrated leveling system, guarantee unmatched stability and even ball bounce. Explore solo play with the unique playback mode, folding one half of the table upright for skill refinement. Complete with a 72" tournament-style net set, clamping securely into place, the Advantage Pro25 redefines home table tennis, offering an authentic and immersive experience for players seeking the utmost in quality and performance.

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