STIGA RECREATIONAL | Price-Point Friendly Tables

If you’re looking for price point friendly indoor table tennis tables, STIGA offers several to meet your specific needs. Crafted with the same excellence as other STIGA models, these tables deliver portability and playability for hours of fun. These recreational indoor table tennis tables include a 66” net and post system. Read more on our price-point friendly tables!

The STIGA ST2100 table tennis table is part of the STIGA Master Series. At regulation size, it won’t take up too much room when storing since the tabletop halves fold to only 28” deep. The durable design includes a 12mm thick tabletop—treated to prevent warping—and a 1.5”-thick apron supported by 1.5”-thick steel self-opening legs that automatically deploy when opening or folding the table halves. The table also features 2” double wheel casters for storage mobility.

Enjoy hours of fun with the STIGA Legacy Table Tennis Table featuring a 12mm black top and 1 1/4" steel self-opening legs. Challenge your friends to a game of table tennis with the Play Position, sharpen your skills and get more practice before your next match with the playback position and Free up space by folding the table and rolling it away in the storage position.

Rally for your next point with the STIGA Impact Table Tennis Table! This table features a 12mm black top, 3/4-inch rail and 1-inch self-opening legs. The stylized corner pads allow for comfortable play, even when you're reaching for that angle shot. A regulation net and posts are included with this table.

The STIGA Force table tennis table features a 12mm black top, 1-inch rail and 1 1/4-inch self-opening legs. A regulation net and posts are included with this table.

The STIGA Advance table tennis table has a solid 12mm green top with a 3/4-inch rail. It easily converts from storage to play, with 2-inch ball-bearing wheel casters and 1-inch self-opening legs with straight, silver linkages. A regulation net and posts are included with the table.