STIGA SPECIALTY | Designer Ping Pong

If you’re looking for a table tennis table that combines the beauty, design, and functionality of a premium furniture piece with the playability of a world-class table tennis table, then the STIGA Specialty High Design table tennis tables are perfect for you.

The STIGA Raven is designed and engineered to combine performance and beauty. Every detail—from the 16 coats of paint and UV coatings on the play surface to the precision CNC anodized aluminum accents—forms an ultra-premium table that provides best in class stability, playability, and aesthetic design. The Raven is an heirloom quality table tennis table that will provide a lifetime of activity and social interaction. The Raven’s stationary chassis design provides a true furniture style experience, making it the ultimate statement piece for any environment.


Elevate any space with the modern and contemporary design of this stylish furniture-style ping pong table. Featuring an 18MM woodgrain laminate top, the table not only provides a sleek aesthetic but also enables fast-paced and competitive play. Its steel frame structure, equipped with superior box-style support aprons, ensures the best-in-class rigidity and long-lasting durability. The precise leg levelers contribute to unmatched evenness, delivering the truest bounce and consistent play experience. Included in this premium package is a 72” tournament-style net and post system, complemented by exclusive accents such as 3D metal STIGA logo badges, adding a sophisticated touch to your gaming space.

High-performance table tennis doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style – these unique, specialty tables can blend and enhance the natural aesthetics of your space. Functional furniture is the name of the game, so these tables can be in the middle of your room and never look a second out of place. Imagine the awe and wonder when you let guests, family, and friends know that this stylish decorative piece also doubles as a table tennis table!

STIGA Ultra Ping Pong Table