Which STIGA Ping Pong Table Is Best for Me?

Whether you're a newbie dipping your toes into the ping pong pool, a budding player on the cusp of greatness, or a seasoned pro dominating the table, we've got the perfect match for you.

Unleash Your Skills with Performance Tables:

Designed with the world's top professional players in mind, our performance-level STIGA table tennis tables are built for top-tier performance. These regulation-sized beauties offer unrivaled bounce, unbeatable durability, and craftsmanship that will make your friends jealous. With tabletops as thick as 30mm, rock-solid chassis construction, and premium nets, these tables are ITTF approved for tournament play. Not to mention, leg levelers to ensure complete evenness wherever you use the table.

Let's take a look into a couple of our stand-out performance tables:

STIGA Optimum 30The Optimum 30 is the first table with a 30mm thick top, creating unparalleled evenness and ball rebound consistency. The top is pre-treated multiple times and then coated with a special varnish to give it just the right amount of gloss and the ideal frictional coefficient. The result is the truest possible bounce, even when balls are spun at the highest level. Heavy gauge steel and precision tension adjustment give this net and post system unmatched playability. The massive chassis features heavy-gauge steel for maximum stability, and with independent table halves, the table offers easy portability and incredibly compact storage. Supporting the transportability of the table are 4-inch machine-grade casters that allow the table to easily glide over any surface, and, once the table is in place, locking wheels reinforce its stability. The Optimum 30 features 2 independent table halves with wheel bases that nest into one another for incredibly compact storage measuring only 25-inches deep. This innovative design allows the table to be rolled away and conveniently stored in any space. Included with the table is the STIGA Premium VM Net and Post Set that is approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and has been used in multiple World Championships and Olympic Games.

Our best-selling table, the STIGA Advantage Pro: The STIGA Advantage Pro ping pong table is for the tournament player who wants to up the competition. This tournament-quality indoor table tennis table is designed specifically for professional-level play. It provides top-notch playability with a 20mm-thick table top with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping. Effortlessly roll and transport the Advantage Pro table halves using 4” thick premium lockable casters for convenient storage and setup. Regulation sized, featuring a 10-minute QuickPlay design arriving 95% preassembled out of the box while sporting an independent chassis design to offer two completely separate table halves. To complete the game, each STIGA Advantage table includes a premium, tournament-quality cotton-blend 72" net with a sturdy steel spring clamp post system that can be assembled and removed from the table in seconds with a simple squeeze of the clamp. Our best-selling ping pong table at the best price point.  Don't miss out on the STIGA Advantage Pro! 


STIGA raven, performance and luxury ping pong table



Level Up with Intermediate Tables

Looking to take your game to the next level? Our intermediate ping pong tables are your ticket to advancing your skills. These tables combine competition-ready play with top-notch chassis construction. They also come with handy features like playback mode for solo practice, convenient storage options, and net systems that will have you serving like a pro. 

Here's a glimpse into a couple killer offerings for intermediate tables:

STIGA ST4100: Designed for high-performance, this table offers superior playability that meets the standards of professional tournaments. The 25mm top thickness ensures a consistent bounce and excellent surface response, enhancing the quality of each game. Setting up the table is a breeze thanks to the Quickplay® Chassis, which allows for easy assembly right out of the box. No need to spend hours figuring out complicated instructions. Additionally, the table features an integrated ball storage apron, providing full-length storage for quick and convenient access to your ping pong balls. To complete the package, it includes an upgraded pivoting 72" cotton blend net and tension adjust post system, ensuring optimal net tension and durability. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, this ping pong table offers the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and quality to elevate your gaming experience.

Skip the stress of rearranging furniture to fit a ping pong table inside your home and enjoy table tennis outdoors. The STIGA XTR Outdoor table is designed and manufactured with durable, all-weather materials such as aluminum, exterior grade powder coating, and galvanized steel for a table that is waterproof, and resistant to rust and sun damage, making it perfect for year-round outdoor storage in any climate. This table comes 95% preassembled with only one simple step to complete so you can begin playing in less than 10 minutes. The 6mm aluminum/composite top is supported by a stout 1.5" tubular steel apron to deliver lively and even bounce across the entire surface and resists warping under any condition. The table includes a 72" exterior grade net and post set with string tension adjustment for excellent playability. Below the table, sturdy 1.25" welded steel legs include a self-opening feature, so they automatically deploy when opening or folding the table halves for added convenience and safety. The legs also include adjustable height leg levelers to ensure your table has a solid, level playing surface on any terrain. For added flexibility and mobility, the table features 3" ball-bearing wheels that smoothly roll and lock into place for safety. This table includes playback mode for individual practice and each table half can be separated and used as a free-standing multi-purpose table for dining, playing cards, and more. After playing, conveniently fold each table half into the upright position, lock into place with the red safety latch, and roll to the desired location for convenient storage. The separate table halves of the XTR nest together for an ultra-compact folded profile so it can fit into any space.


A man folding a STIGA ping pong table into its upright locking position


Fun for the Whole Family with Recreational Tables

Bring the joy of ping pong to your family with our range of recreational tables. Designed with durable materials and quality finishes, these tables are all about endless fun. Whether it's in the game room, garage, or rec center, these tables are perfect for bonding moments and friendly competitions. Even if you're short on space, fear not! Our compact yet high-quality tables are designed to fit snugly in smaller rooms, bringing you lasting fun without compromise.

Check out these recreational tables perfect for family fun:

Whether you’re looking to crank up the competition or a casual game, the STIGA Gold Star Ping Pong Table is the perfect portable option for any environment. This Gold Star Table sets the standard with it’s hinged design making it easy to fold for compact storage and takes up 85% less space when folded compared to traditional tables. The built-in wheels and carry handles make transportation a breeze and can fit inside most SUVs. This table is regulation size at 30 inches H x 60 inches W x 108 inches L and includes integrated ball storage. Made with a heavy-duty 15mm top, 1.5-inch powder-coat steel legs and 1.5-inch steel aprons for increased durability. Nets and posts are included.

The STIGA Advantage Lite is the perfect beginner table. It’s light weight, fun and its recreational 12mm thick top and easy rolling 2” lockable wheels make it an exceptional asset to any office space or game room. It is regulation sized, features a 10-Minute QuickPlay design arriving 95% preassembled out of the box and has an independent chassis design to offer two completely separate table halves - allowing for the playback position for single-player practice. To complete the game, the Advantage Lite includes a premium, tournament-quality cotton-blend 72” net with a sturdy steel spring clamp post system that can be assembled and removed from the table in seconds with a simple squeeze of the clamp. Every table tennis champion begins somewhere, so why not the STIGA Advantage series?



Stiga gold star compact, recreational ping pong table

Indoor Tables: Where the Action Unfolds:

Our indoor ping pong tables are a force to be reckoned with. From tournament-grade tables to folding ones for easy storage, we've got it all. Need adjustable height? Check. Looking for advanced features like playback mode and built-in ball storage? Double-check. With our top-rated indoor tables, you'll experience thrilling matches in the comfort of your own space.

The perfect indoor table match:

The STIGA Onyx ping pong table has been developed for those who seek a true tournament level playing experience. Every element of this table has been engineered to provide authentic professional spec and quality in a tried-and-true table design proven by top level STIGA players around the world for decades. The Onyx will provide years of enjoyment to those looking for a tournament performance and quality table that folds for storage. Play with confidence as this table comes with a 3-year warranty.

Young boy serving a ping pong ball on a STIGA ping pong table

Embrace the Great Outdoors with Outdoor Tables:

Take your game to new horizons with our weather-resistant, ultra-durable outdoor tables. Rain or shine, these tables will keep you playing year-round. Thanks to their rust, water, and dust-resistant coating, they can handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way. Plus, with their independent chassis design and easy folding feature, storing and transporting your outdoor table is a breeze. Who says the fun has to stay indoors?

Take that ping pong tournament outside:

This amped up version of a STIGA fan favorite is the ultimate outdoor game table. The durable, stylish design makes the perfect addition to any backyard, deck, garage or porch and provides endless fun for family and friends. The STIGA XTR Pro ping pong table is built to last, with a specific design and manufacturing process that ensures its durability and longevity. It is engineered to withstand the elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The table's aluminum composite top not only offers excellent playability but also delivers all-weather performance, allowing you to enjoy your game in various conditions without worrying about damage. Setting up the XTR Pro is a breeze, as it comes 90% pre-assembled right out of the box, saving you time and effort. With a quick 15-minute assembly, you'll be ready to start playing in no time. When it comes to storage, the XTR Pro excels. Despite its size, it effortlessly transforms into a compact position, ensuring convenient storage even in limited spaces. With its exceptional durability, all-weather performance, easy assembly, and convenient storage, the STIGA XTR Pro is the perfect choice for ping pong enthusiasts of all levels.


Conversion Tops: Unleash the Dual Power:

Why settle for just one game when you can have the best of both worlds? Our conversion tops transform any pool table into a ping pong arena. With extra dense padding to protect your table and ensure optimal bounce, you'll experience the thrill of competitive matches without sacrificing space. Say hello to the ultimate gaming combo!

Harness the best of both worlds:

Turn your billiard table into a premium table tennis experience effortlessly with the STIGA Premium Conversion Top. With dimensions of 9'x5', this conversion top meets the regulation size set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The Conversion Top features a repeat roller coat painted play surface, along with silk screen play field lines, enhancing playability and ensuring long-lasting durability. Not only does this Conversion Top provide a fantastic playing experience, but it also protects your existing billiard table. The entire backside of the Conversion Top is covered in dense EVA foam, offering superior protection for your billiard table's surface. With the included net and post set, you can start playing table tennis immediately after placing the Conversion Top on your billiard table. It's a convenient and straightforward way to transform your space and enjoy the excitement of ping pong.